The Blue Rock Boys

Formed in 2007, the Blue Rock Boys have a sound that is all their own. Vocal harmonies blend with an assortment of acoustic and electric instruments on originals and covers of old fiddle tunes, vintage County, R&B, Jazz, The Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, and beyond.

In 2018 the Blue Rock Boys lent their sound to member Eric Bushey’s solo album “Been There a Long, Long Time.” Together the members of the band shaped the sound on the album and added their flare to Bushey’s original material.

Seven Day’s Chris Farnsworth wrote of this collaboration:

“Bushey writes that the death of his mother in 2014 heavily influenced his songwriting on Been There a Long, Long Time. The reflective, even accepting nature of the lyrics on the title track reveal a man grappling with the inevitability of death. "When the wind blows hard and wins the fight / when that old tree does come down / when they cut her up to warm their stoves / I hope I'm dead and gone," he sings. It's a lyric that could sound overly dark, but the notion of not wanting to outlive the trees on his property, of moving on in the natural order of things, fits the spirit of the record. This is an unrelentingly mature album.”

The Blue Rock Boys features  Eric Bushey (Vocals/4 & 5-String Banjos/Electric Guitar), Cliff Crosby (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harp), Michael Bjella (Saxophone/Flute) and Sabina Perkins (Vocals/Percussion).

Please enjoy these videos of the Blue Rock Boys in concert and assisting Eric on his original compositions. Enjoy!