All of these gigs will be following STRICT COVID PROTOCOLS and will be either outdoors or in well ventilated, covered settings that will provide optimum safety for both you and us. We can't wait to see you all out enjoying live music again!


September 25th - Private Party

October 1st - The Stragglers at Martell's at the Red Fox with Troy Millette and the Fire Below - Jeffersonville - 6-9:00PM

October 6th - The Stragglers with Mike Bjella - Jeffersonville Farmers Market 5:00-7:30PM

October 14th (Thursday) - The Blue Rock Boys at the Blue Paddle on the Bay 6-8PM


Now more than ever, people really seem to engage with video from the artists they used to enjoy seeing live. Please check back often as I'm starting to produce more and more of these music videos. I hope you enjoy them!