The Blue Rock Boys

Formed in 2007, the Blue Rock Boys have a sound that is all their own. Vocal harmonies blend with an assortment of acoustic and electric instruments on originals and covers of music as diverse as old fiddle tunes right up through Vintage County, R&B, Jazz,  The Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, and beyond. 

The Blue Rock Boys started with Cliff Crosby (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harp) and Eric Bushey (Vocals/4 & 5-String Banjos/Electric Guitar). Sabina Perkins (Vocals/Percussion) performs regularly and allows the group to simply "rock out" in venues both intimate in size and large in scale. We pride ourselves on always being the "right group for the venue."

The Stragglers

For nearly a decade, the Stragglers have been refining what they define as a "New-Time String Band" sound. Performing originals composed in a variety of styles along with a liberal helping of vintage country, classic rock, and a wide range of old-time music and classic Bluegrass the Stragglers truly have something for everyone in each and every performance they give. 

Where the fictitious rock band Spinal Tap was noted for their punctuality the Stragglers are defined by sheer enjoyment in performing together. Instrumental breaks, vocal harmonies, and interesting compositions and arrangements are all part of the Stragglers' sound. 

The Stragglers are Justin "Beefcake-Bulldog-Bullfiddle" Bedell (Bass/Vocals), Eric "T.M.T." Bushey (4 & 5-String Banjos/Electric Guitar/Vocals),  "Eddie Van Fiddle" (Rusty)  Charpentier (Violin/Vocals), and Preston "Eye Candy" Randall (Mandolin/Guitar/Vocals). 

Fiddlehead Hollow

Fiddlehead Hollow performs original music in the traditional old time style. The duo of Eric Bushey (Banjo/Guitar/Vocals) and Rusty Charpentier (Fiddle/Guitar/Vocals) plays everything from barn-burning fiddle tunes to epic ballads and drinking songs. Always engaging and energizing, Fiddlehead Hollow is sure to excite audiences!